Letter regarding COVID 19 as of March 12, 2020

USD 393 Solomon parents, students, & staff:

At this time USD 393 Solomon is communicating with local and state officials regarding the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus).  The Kansas Department of Health and Environment reports, as of Thursday afternoon, of only three confirmed cases in the KC metro area.  Unlike college students, our PK-12 students do not travel abroad for Spring Break, so fear of bringing the virus back on Monday is minimal in comparison.  I would follow the recommendations of KDHE for all of us. This is continually updated and is a great source of information. With so much misinformation being spread, please use this website for factual information.   


The situation is ever changing and we will continue to monitor.  As students have been gone this week we have taken extra steps to clean our facility and prepare for the final nine weeks of school.  We do this every Spring Break with a more in depth cleaning. We have also fumigated high traffic areas such as the offices to completely kill all viruses, NOT just COVID 19.  We do this often, not just in this situation.

In addition to the KDHE recommendations, we highlight a few for success at our school in dealing with COVID 19 along with cold or flu symptoms:

     1.  Students/staff should be fever free without medication for 48 hours

          a.  This will be strictly enforced for all students/staff

          b.  Anything above 100+ temp

    2.  If you feel sick stay home

    3.  Wash your hands

    4.  If you have travelled abroad, please check with your local health department

Finally,  we need to make sure to use common sense in dealing with this issue.  This is an ever changing circumstance and we will continue to monitor and adjust as needed.  The safety and security of our students, staff, and families will always be the highest priority for all of us at Solomon Schools.  Please don’t hesitate to call or reach out with questions or concerns, jcoup@usd393.net or 785-655-2541.

Justin Coup

Superintendent USD 393