Weekly High School Update

Mr. Nordgren

The sophomores in World History are studying the Scientific Revolution. They will be giving speech presentations over invented objects. The objective is to learn more in depth about the invention, such as who invented it, when it was created, where it came from, and how it has impacted everyday life today. Their speeches will be two to two and a half minutes long.

Mr. Daily

The Chemistry class will be exploring some alchemy by turning copper pennies into gold. The class will mix chemical substances in a flask before pouring it into a bowl over a Bunsen burner. Then, they drop their penny into the mixture and wait until the coin is the color they desire.

Mr. Triplett

The juniors are studying Colonial American literature. They are currently reading the Declaration of Independence. English 12 is exploring the English restoration period. In College Comp, students are typing a three page informative essay over a topic of their choosing, once approved by Mr. Triplett. The College Speech class is giving an informative speech.

Written by Logan Krause & Wesley Apostoloff