How can I edit offline?

While online, go to google drive, click the settings gear, click settings, check the box next to offline editing
Google drive>setting gear>settings>offline editing

How do I right click?

You right click by lightly tapping the touchpad with two fingers, you don’t have to actually press on the touchpad-just tap. You can view more cool mouse tricks in this video including how to scroll, go backwards, go forwards, and drag/drop.


What is my login?

Your username will be your school issued email (FirstInitialLastName@students.usd393.net in most cases) your password is the same password used for gmail.

My teacher told me to download an app from the chromestore, what do I do?

You can find the Chromestore at https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions. Apps available for download will be under the for students.usd393.net tab on the left hand side. Apps installed by default include: Gmail, Google slides, Desmos Graphing Calculator, Google drive, Google classroom, Google docs, Google chrome, Google slides and Easy bib.

Where’s the caps lock/delete button?

Chromebooks don’t have these keys, but if you press alt and the search key it will turn on caps lock, alt and backspace works the same as delete

  • Alt-Backspace=delete
  • Alt-search (magnifying glass)=Caps Lock

Where can I find my downloads?

Find the files app, it is a blue circle with a folder in it, here your downloads and screenshots will be stored.

How can I take a screenshot?

You can screenshot by holding ctrl and the window switcher key (right above the 6, it is a square with two lines next to it).

How can I check my battery life?

In the bottom right corner, there is information about your computer. You can see the battery level there, if you click on it, it will show you an estimate of how many hours your battery has left.

How can I sign out or shut down my chromebook?

In the bottom right corner, there is information about your computer, if you click on this area it will bring up options to sign out, at the bottom of this area is a power button, you can shut down your Chromebook using this.

How can I turn my brightness up or down?

Above the 7/8/9 keys are two keys that look like setting gears, the larger one turns your brightness up, the smaller one turns the brightness down.

How can I adjust the volume of my chromebook?

Above the 9/0/-/= keys are three buttons that look like speakers, the speaker with a line through it mutes your machine, the speaker with one semi-circle turns your volume down, and the speaker with 2 semicircles turns your machine up.

Alternatively you can go to the settings area by clicking on the clock in the lower right hand corner and adjust your volume there.