Company Culture

Here at USD 393, we are committed to our staff and community. We believe that these offerings and characteristics make us successful and cultivate a positive company culture.

  • Intensive professional development

  • Opportunities for additional training

  • Teacher evaluation system that encourages growth

  • Beginning teacher/mentor teacher pairings

  • Support for new teachers throughout the school year

  • Devoted to continual school improvement

  • Updated buildings and facilities

  • Devoted to ensuring all students can succeed

Attendance and Graduation Rates

Solomon School

Our valued staff agrees! Here's how some of our teachers and staff feel about our school.

Why Solomon?

Luke Riordan

Luke Riordan, Teacher

How would you describe the relationship between teachers, staff, and administration at this school?

"I believe we have great administrators who are always willing to help. They want you to grow. They work behind the scenes incredibly hard, and they want what's best for Solomon."

What do you find most rewarding about teaching at this school? 

"Definitely the kids, I have been here long enough that I love seeing all of the kids that I have taught and coached, seeing them grow and become the people they are, seeing them become successful, and mature into good members of the Solomon community."

Katy Vinson

Katy Vinson, Teacher

How does the school support professional growth and career advancement for its teachers?

"There has never been a training that I requested that I was denied. They have gone above and beyond the typical professional development and have helped me get training for a lot of different things."

Can you describe the communication and feedback channels between teachers and school leadership?

"I have always felt comfortable talking to my administrators, whether it's through email or stopping them in the hall, I've never felt like they were too busy for me or not interested. They have always been very receptive and welcoming."

Eric Underwood

Erick Underwood, Teacher

What is the school’s stance on innovation and adapting to educational changes? 

"We are constantly striving to be at the head of whatever educational advancements there are, looking for ways to shift education for whatever the next generation needs. We are always integrating new technologies that will allow students to be more prepared for the work environment."

How has the school's company culture evolved or changed over the past few years, and what were the driving forces behind those changes?

"I've seen a huge shift in a sense of togetherness of our staff. We are always helping each other. When I first got here, there was less support bridging the gap between different levels of education. We have had new people who helped push for changes, and now everyone is more helpful and more willing to help, no matter what it may be."

Kelly Glanville

Kelly Glanville, Teacher

What initially drew you to work at this school? 

"I was familiar with Solomon because I previously taught at another school in the league. I knew [the administration] and could tell that [they] were already envisioning how much the district could enhance themselves, the school, the climate, not just for Solomon but for the whole league. I was already seeing a lot of that positivity come to light when I was looking for jobs."

Can you share examples of how the school has positively impacted the surrounding community?

"I think that is one of the biggest benefits that they give back to the community is the Early Childhood Center. I know for any small community daycare is a huge need, and the fact that they were willing to get grants and utilize funds that they had to open that, to offer another option for the community was huge, and that alleviates a lot of burden off of parents."

Solomon's staff and teachers love to connect and have fun. Building strong relationships with coworkers is the cornerstone of a positive work environment. It's the trust, support, and camaraderie among colleagues that fuel creativity, productivity, and a shared sense of purpose. Working in a small school offers the unique advantage of truly knowing your coworkers personally, fostering a sense of family within the workplace.

"Good colleagues are those who know that 'WE' is more powerful than 'ME'"

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Mrs Befort and Mr Underwood

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