Weekly High School Update

Ms. Grant

Ms Grant’s English class is about to start making vocab posters. The posters will feature a vocabulary word and other decorations that support its meaning. The Spanish class has been learning numbers and geography recently.

Mr. Triplett

Mr. Triplett’s College Composition class is working on a persuasive essay based on topics dealing with real world topics, mostly political. His College Speech class is researching for a persuasive speech they will be giving soon. They will be at least four minutes long. 

Ms. Bucholtz

FBLA is going to host mock interviews on December 14. They will be available to the whole student body to provide practice for those who would like it. There are also competitions tied in, like best dressed, best interview, etc for the students to compete against each other. December 3-7 FBLA will also be doing “Deck the Halls”. This is a program where each member draws a random name and decorates that person’s locker in a contest against the other members.

Written By Logan Krause & Wesley Apostoloff