District Initiatives

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Strategic Plan

Gorilla Vision 2035 aims to extend its impact to future graduates. This five-year strategic plan highlights six focus areas, the steps taken towards progress, an evaluation of the effort, and supporting data for each.

When creating this strategic plan, USD 393 kept in mind our two long-term goals:

1) Increase the rigor in all students creating greater opportunities.

2) Adapt to the needs of our students to prepare them for their future.

"Academic + Career + Life Ready" Banner

Portrait of a graduate graphic

The Portrait of a Graduate outlines the 21st century skills that a Solomon student will embody and exemplify by graduation.

At our school, our mission is anchored in the belief that education is the cornerstone of tomorrow's leadership. That's why our motto is "Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow." We are devoted to fostering an environment where students thrive. Our commitment extends beyond academics; it embraces the holistic development of young individuals. We are dedicated to sculpting a Portrait of a Graduate who is not only academically prepared but also equipped with life skills and career readiness.

Site Council

  • Purpose:

    • The District Site Council acts as a crucial liaison between district administration and community stakeholders, ensuring their representation in decision-making processes and fostering collaboration for the continuous improvement of the district's educational endeavors.

  • Composition:

    • Represents various demographic and stakeholder groups, including parents, community members, classroom teachers, and representatives from the business/industry sector.

  • Responsibilities:

    • Review and provide input/feedback on the work of the District leadership, including needs assessment, goal selection, action plan development, and data analysis.

    • Engage in quarterly meetings throughout the school year to solicit feedback from district stakeholders.

    • Provide input on accreditation processes, district initiatives, and celebrations.

  • Alignment with KESA Regulations:

    • Mandated by Kansas Education Systems Accreditation (KESA) regulations.

    • Required participation in the school system's accreditation process.

  • Involvement Opportunities:

    • Encourages parents and community members interested in participating in the Site Council or other school support functions to contact the school for more information.