Yearbook Pictures Needed

Gorilla Nation the yearbook needs your help. As with everything else things have had to shift. Some of the features we wanted to do for the yearbook will have to change. We’ve set up an email for the yearbook to have pictures sent to. The email address is:

Reminder that the book we are working on is for grades 6 through 12. First and foremost, we are wanting to feature how learning has shifted to “e-learning” or online. Any pictures you have taken or can take would be greatly appreciated. I will touch on how to send them in more detail later in this message. We are also looking for any choir or band photos. We had saved room to highlight the Spring Concert but without it we need more photos from the Winter Concert. Lastly, the above mentioned pictures are our biggest need. However, any other pictures would be welcomed as well. A picture you snapped at a sporting event or extra-curricular activity (bowling, scholars' bowl, forensics, pep rally, etc.). I know everyone has certain pictures they are proud of. We’d love to feature them in the yearbook.

If you have pictures for us please send them to It will help us tremendously if you can list who is in the picture, their grade, and what event or activity is taking place. If you have any questions please reach out to Mr. Douglas. Thanks in advance for the help.