USD 393 Update


Dear Gorilla Family:

With the increase of COVID positive cases in the county, I wanted to give an update where USD 393 stands.  We are closely monitoring the situation and it has become an hourly situation as it is very fluid and difficult to trace all cases.  However, we currently  have one complete recovery and all students have returned to the classroom.  We have two positive cases that have five individuals quarantined, due to exposure.

I know it is very easy to panic during these very difficult situations.  But rest assured, we are following our protocols and procedures which are allowing us to minimize the number of exposures.  It is a true blessing that we live in a small school and have the ability to place students 6 feet away from each other and cohort our students.   The landscape of COVID is ever changing and may well change over the course of this week and the weeks to follow.  As our school continues to move forward, we will continue to examine the best practices and safety measures.  At this time in-person learning is the safest and most productive way to educate our children at USD 393.  We may need to look at hybrid at some point and the last resort would be remote; but for now rest assured that our staff and students are doing a TREMENDOUS job of learning and making safety a high priority. 

Thanks for all you are doing as parents and community members to help our students stay in school.  Keep up the great work, SOCIAL DISTANCING AND MASKING  are making a difference at Solomon Schools.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 


Justin Coup

Superintendent USD 393