Middle School VB vs. Bennington

On Thursday, October 1st the Gorillas middle school volleyball team played against Bennington. The “B” team lost in 2 sets with the scores of 13-25 and 17-25. The “A” team won in 2 sets with the scores of 25-17 and 25-22.

We asked Coach Desormiers what were some positives about the game for the “A” and “B” team and she had this to say about the “A,” “the girls played amazing! They played with confidence, they played together, we limited our unforced errors and therefore were able to come out with the win. It was great to finally see them play to the level I knew they were capable of!” She had this to say about the B Team, “some positives for this game was that a lot of players stepped up and played the best I've seen them play. We just need to continue to work together as a team, and work on our communication.” She also said this about the “C” team, “C team lost but it is always great to see how much they improve each week!” 

The next competition for the middle school volleyball team is October 6th at Salina South.

Written by Makaen Hastings