Quarantine Changes

See the order from DK Health officer.  THIS IS NOT RETRO ACTIVE.  As of now this applies to those in Dickinson County.  Exposure at school will apply to these rules.  If Saline and Ottawa have a change it will only apply to social contacts.  Please note you can NOT test out of quarantine.  This is different from CDC/KDHE, just want everyone to be aware.  Keep up the great work, keep students home if they don't feel well.  TEN days of in-person instruction left until the Christmas break.  GREAT JOB GORILLA FAMILIES!

Justin Coup, Supt

DK order below:

Dickinson County Quarantine Order Update

December 4, 2020

Quarantine will change as of today to 10 days after last exposure to the positive case of Covid-19.

No test will be required to get out of the 10 day quarantine.

This will take effect today for cases determined needing to quarantine from this day forward.

 Per KDHE, if you are currently serving a 14 day quarantine from an exposure prior to December 4, 2020 then you still have to serve that complete 14 day quarantine. 

Isolation is still 10 days for a positive case.

For questions please call the Dickinson County Health Department at 263-4179.

Brian Holmes MD

Dickinson County Health Officer