Weekly Elementary Update

Mrs. Moon

In Mrs. Moon’s class, her students will be working on a project where they take different materials to design and make a structure using their imagination. After the students build their structures, they will then take a picture of what they built and disassemble their structure. Each student will then pass their photo over to another student who will then try and recreate what is shown in the photo.

Ms. Noggle

In Ms. Noggle’s class, her students have been studying about animals. In her student’s math class, they are currently recognizing numbers in a ten frame. In their reading/spelling class, the students have been working on blends at the end of words. Ms. Noggle’s students were also going over respect and how to represent respect. During the interview, Ms. Vinson’s teacher education class was working with the students. Ms. Vinson’s students come in every Wednesday of the week.

Mrs. Cross

In Mrs. Cross’ class, her students have gone over different routes for navigation in social studies. In her life sciences class, her students have learned about herbivores and carnivores. In math, her students have learned how to multiply by three and four, and have practiced multiplying by ten.

Written By Spencer LaCost, Blayz Saltkill. & Bennie Garza