Community Service

Why do Gorillas believe in giving back to our community?

  • By engaging in activities that benefit the local community, students learn the importance of giving back and taking an active role in society. It also promotes empathy and compassion.

  • Serving others allows students to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, fostering understanding and empathy for those less fortunate.

  • Community service teaches valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving.

  • Students can see the positive impact they can have on their community, giving them a sense of pride and achievement.

  • It builds strong bonds between our students and local residents, creating a mutually supportive environment that enriches our small town.

That's why each Solomon High School student is required to complete community service each year. Each student must earn five hours of community service a year, giving them a minimum total of twenty hours of hard work to be proud of by the time they graduate.


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Our Service Projects