What a fantastic night to be a Gorilla!  Although the outcome on the scoreboard did not favor the Gorillas, we still celebrated the Pride of Gorilla Nation!  Our second induction ceremony enshrined Gorillas who put community, school, and team above personal achievements.  Stan Razak, Mary Flora,  Mary Louise Fair Doidge, and Dode & Sherry Mullen all gave back to the community through service and years of support to our Gorillas.  We also enjoyed having the back-to-back undefeated teams of 1970 &71 back to Solomon for their induction to the Hall of Fame. 

Now, we start making plans for the Class of 2024.  Who will be next?  We need your help.  Please go to the following link to nominate a deserving Gorilla who encompasses these first two classes:  community, service, dedication, staff contributions, and team/individual success.    The only way to be enshrined is to be nominated. Nominate your GORILLA TODAY!

Solomon Hall of Fame Nomination Form