Angel Tree with ornaments

The annual efforts of Operation Gorilla Family have commenced this month. This community service initiative took root over twenty years ago and remains a vital asset to our town, especially during the Christmas Season. The project evolved out of community need, and the entire affair starts local and stays local. It reaches out to provide support through food, gifts, clothing, cleaning and household supplies, and other daily needs for families so they can enjoy the holidays. The project owes its success to the support of community benefactors and donors, without their generosity, it would not be possible. 

At the heart of this initiative is the Angel Tree, serving as a platform for families to request assistance by specifying sizes and wish list items for their children. Local patrons have the opportunity to ‘adopt’ or sponsor these children and families, providing the requested items. This year, in an effort to ensure ample time for the community to support Gorilla students, the Angel Tree is set up at DS&O Electric Cooperative starting on Monday, November 20th. After gifts have been purchased, they can be brought back to DS&O and left under the holiday tree. For more information, contact the District Office at 785-655-2541.