Students and community members crafting together last December.

New Christmas traditions are happening at Solomon schools, thanks to a group of high school students. Members of a student organization, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), were asked to develop a community service project, leading sophomore Kilynne McCook, and two of her schoolmates to brainstorm ways to bring people together for a night of fun. They opted to host the event in December because they thought it would be fun to have a festive Christmas theme. The event premiered last year and is being continued by McCook this year.

The evening starts with a soup supper, with an array of soup options followed by an assortment of desserts, all provided by FBLA members. The meal is followed by the Christmas craft; This year, an ornament resembling a snowman, elf, or Santa. McCook expressed the intention to simplify the craft compared to the previous year, ensuring it remains enjoyable yet allows for individual creativity. “Last year’s craft was really fun, but it was more challenging for the kids. So this year we want to make something more simple, but something that still has variety and people can still choose the way they want to do it.” After the Christmas ornaments are finished, everyone is invited to play bingo and win prizes. The purpose of the event is for people in the Solomon community of all ages to spend an enjoyable time with each other while building new friendships and bonds. 

Reflecting on the event, McCook highlighted the enthusiasm of some students who participated last year, eagerly asking about this year’s event. She also discussed how much she enjoyed watching people of all ages come together, connect, play games, and get to know each other. 

Discussing the aspirations for this year’s event, McCook expressed, “Now that it’s our second year doing it, I’m hoping that the community will start to realize what we are trying to do, and it will become a tradition for the years ahead. I want it to be something that fourth graders look forward to doing and hope they can get invited.”

To ensure ample student volunteers, supplies, and food for the event, invitations are based on nominations involving a strategic pairing of a senior citizen, an FBLA member, and a student. Recommendations for attendees who would like to participate in these activities can be made by contacting the school and asking for Zach Douglas or emailing him at, by Monday, December 18.