Feb. 4, 2021 Covid Number

Good evening Gorilla Family:

Number this week took a bit of a hit.  We have three confirmed cases in the district resulting in 17 quarantines.  Great news we used a modified quarantine for a class so those actually not receiving in-person instruction is seven.  We had a case at each level:  elementary, middle, and high school.  Two of the cases are social exposure too.  

As we gear up for Super Bowl weekend I ask for you to consider your bubble.  We will all be cheering on our favorite team on Sunday, but the impact could be long lasting if our bubble includes new people in the system.  Be aware of who you are around on a daily basis and help us to keep our students in school by keeping that bubble the same as much as possible.  

We are doing great and hopefully, this is just a one-week set-back.  Keep up the great work Gorillas.  

Justin Coup, Supt.