February 12, 2021

Good afternoon Gorilla Family,

Hope everyone is warm and bundled up for the weekend!  Forgot to send this out on Wednesday.  GREAT news, we have ZERO cases again!  We do have a few social quarantines on the list.  But overall, it looks good.  

NEW THIS WEEK. ...The BOE approved at Monday night's meeting administration of the BinaxNOW Antigen test for students!  This is a rapid test and not a PCR test.  However, if your child is positive it is very reliable.  If your child has two symptoms we are sending your child home. Nurse Mary will ask if you wish for the quick test to be administered.  You will have to fill out a release for us to administer the test first.  It will take 15 minutes to find out the result.  If your child wakes up in the morning you can call in and we can meet you in the parking lot for testing as well.  This is all VOLUNTARY...nothing MANDATORY at all!  Some parents have asked if it would be available to our students, the BOE approved for it to start last Monday!

The flu has come up this week too, make sure to keep your kids home for other illness issues, not just COVID symptoms.  We are doing great together!

Justin Coup, Supt. USD 393