Anonymous Choir Student:

I would recommend this song to people who like a good song to dance to and songs that have a blues vibe. The title of the song is “Billie Jean”. Michael Jackson is the composer of the song “Billie Jean”. Michael Jackson wrote this song in 1982 and the song was released on January 2, 1983. Michael Jackson is the one who performed the song “Billie Jean”. This song has a blend of disco, rhythm, blues, funk, and dance-pop style and accompaniment. The purpose of this song is a dance song. 

The two songs I'm comparing are Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and Take on me by a-ha. They both have a pop style and rhythm for the songs. The songs were released two years apart. “Billie Jean” and “Take on Me”, both hit the UK top 100 chart.  A difference is that they both used different types of guitars. “Billie Jean” uses a bass guitar, and “Take on Me” uses and electric guitar.

The influence behind “Billie Jean” is this letter that Michael Jackson got. This woman was claiming that he was the father of one of her kids.  Michael had also said that he wrote the song out of experience with his brothers. He said that “There were a lot of Billie Jeans out there. Every girl claimed that their son was related to one of my brothers.”