Grant Awarded to STEM Department

Thank you to the Community Foundation of Dickinson County for awarding us the 2018-2019 "Make" the Most of It Grant.  A snapshot of the proposal is listed below.  

The USD 393 STEM department would like to create a project that will integrate student critical thinking skills and engineering.  Students are in a world that is filled with pieces everywhere and they are the maker to determine the path. A makerspace will give students a way to express themselves and act on developing their critical thinking skills, to include problem solving.  

We, at USD 393, would like to prepare our students for careers and college.  One way to do this is to equip them with essential skills to complete the task, as well as stand out among others.  Makerspaces, according to Google Trends, has quadrupled in searches in the last two years. Makerspaces are an educational tool that is becoming popular for student engagement and success. The success of our students is held in high regard. One way to ensure success would be the development and implementation of the Makerspace in Education.    

Another way, we would like to “Make” the most of it, is by introducing students to careers, as well as explaining the world around them.  In 2017-2018, we had an announcement crew that learned some behind the scenes, just like a news crew. Students work on a teleprompt, turning notes into a broadcast, filming, video editing and Green Screening. All of this work is done on an ipad, we currently have. We then worked together to broadcast news each day. Students learn about digital communication via email. In this process, we found that sound and editing in other areas was in issue.  The PadCaster, a video and mobile device, would allow students access to real life application to the News Studio. One option that we would like to expand to is broadcasting on location to “make” the most of the experience and student creation. The PadCaster has a component for on location broadcasting with a portable Green Screen.

Overall, our proposal to the Community Foundation would be to help invest in our kids’ future and becoming career and college ready.  Together, we can do this by allowing students to “Make” the Most of It!”