On Friday, September 17th the Solomon Gorillas HS Football team played against Rural Vista in a home game. The Gorillas won with a score of 64-0.

When Coach Stein was asked about his thoughts on the game that night, he replied, “I thought we executed really well right from the start. Our goal this week was to play an all-around complete game and I believe we did just that tonight. Offense, Defense and Special Teams all looked really good tonight. It was also great to get everyone in tonight on the home field and see the older guys cheer on the younger guys.” We also asked him, how Spencer Coup’s return from injury affected the team? His response was, “Having Spencer return was an amazing boost for the team. Spencer is one of the hardest workers on our team and the guys know how much better we are with him out on the grass with us. It was great to see Spencer back out there, a great athlete but an even better kid.” We also asked him about what he thought they could improve upon before the next game and he said, “Initially I think we missed some reads and assignments across the board that could have lead to some easy scores. But after a big win like this, it’s hard to be too picky. We’ll break down film this weekend and start preparing for the next one. We still have a lot of work to do but a great win nonetheless! Go Gorillas!” 

The Gorillas will be taking on Herington for their next game on Friday, September 24th. The games will be available via live stream on the Solomon High School Sports Network YouTube channel.

Written by Bryan Hamlett