On Thursday, September 30th the Solomon Gorillas MS Football team traveled to Bennington. The Gorillas won (26-20). 

When Coach Spresser was asked since it was a rainy day, how did the weather affect the game he said,” With it being rainy in the morning, the field was a bit wet but overall was in good condition. I don't believe that the weather affected the game in any specific negative way, but the overall weather could have made an impact.” We also asked him who his most improved players from this game were and how they improved and his response was,” Defensively, I think Cooper, Richard, and Boedi did a great job on defense for us. That doesn't take away from the other five positions on defense, as it was a team effort and everyone helped to win the game!” 

The Gorillas will be at home to take on Canton-Galva for their next competition on Thursday, October 7th. The games will be available via live stream on the Solomon High School Sports Network YouTube channel. 

Written by Maya Newcomer