Megan LePage

Megan LePage is beautiful. Certainly the photo accompanying this feature makes her physical beauty obvious--her clear green eyes, illuminating smile, and willowy stature are enough to turn heads, but the true source of her beauty lies within. 

“I didn’t have my comfort water bottle here today,” said junior Luka Hayes. “When I get nervous in speech class, I drink a ton of water. Megan knows this and she just gave me a water bottle.”  

While this may seem like an insignificant gesture, this small act of kindness speaks to the Solomon High School Senior’s caring nature and her attention to detail. 

Megan notices when others are in need and she is quick to offer any assistance. Megan’s compassion and trustworthiness have made her someone who is both innately kind and reliable.

She acts as the editor-in-chief for the school’s yearbook and her skills and focus earned her this high honor.

“It goes back to attention to detail,” said Zach Douglas, Solomon High School yearbook sponsor. “Megan's ability to keep details in perspective while working on a project is phenomenal. Megan has gained my trust in being given a vast amount of responsibility with the creation of the yearbook.”

In addition to yearbook, Megan is the student council president, and she is active in National Honor Society, cheerleading, dance, and Big Red T’s, the student driven school business. In fact, Megan’s involvement in Big Red T’s was integral in helping to get the business off the ground. 

“Megan's ability to learn new things and then also teach the new things to her teacher and classmates has been a tremendous asset to the Big Red T's business,” said Douglas, who is also the Big Red T’s advisor. “Without her help over the last year and a half the business wouldn't be nearly as successful as it has been. Her creativity and drive to work on tasks for the business has been unmatched and that type of work ethic will benefit her in whatever she chooses to do in the future.”

Currently, Megan is a bit unsure about what she would like to do with her future, but she is leaning towards teaching. 

“I would actually like to teach high school,” Megan said. “I would love to teach yearbook, business, or technology. I really love Mr. Douglas’s classes. Or, I may like to be an elementary teacher.” 

Teaching seems to be in the LePage blood: her older sister Catie is a kindergarten teacher and her sister Ashley is currently studying to join this career path. In fact, Megan has batted around the idea of opening her own dance studio in order to both teach and participate in something that has been her passion since childhood. In the long run, Megan has decided that she would like to keep her passion for dance separate from her career choice, and her teachers think she would make an excellent educator. 

I believe without a doubt that Megan would make an excellent business teacher if she chose to pursue that profession,” said Douglas. “I have said on multiple occasions that Megan could run all of my classes. Megan's attention to detail and vision of the bigger picture would suit her well as a teacher.”

Megan, like the best teachers, just wants to help others. 

“I’m most proud of myself, because I’m always willing to help people and I’m not judgmental,” Megan says. “I see people for who they are and I don’t mock them. I give everyone a fair chance. I know I’m not perfect, so I don’t expect anyone else to be.”

Photo by Luka Hayes

Editing by Spencer Coup