Ms. Walker

Sydney Walker is from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. 

Growing up, she participated in choir, music and the Korean martial arts Tang Soo Do. Theater was a big part of her life. 

“Acting has been something that interested me since I was a kid and arts interested me because my mom worked in fine arts and her room interested me,” she said. “I grew up going to music/play rehearsals and stuff like that.” 

 Walker attended Bethany College to receive her degree in Elementary education, just like her mother. Ms. Walker is a 6th generation teacher and she became interested in teaching because it was in her blood. 

 “Watching my mom and looking at my teachers who impacted my life,” made her want to teach. “I wanted to do the same and make learning fun and important and make it relevant to [students].”  

She student taught for Mrs. Noggle and fell in love with the community of Solomon. 

“I was Mrs. Noggle’s student teacher last spring and everyone was welcoming and I felt like I was part of a family,” Walker said. 

She liked the small class sizes and “being part of the family within the faculty and staff.” Ms. Walker has lots to look forward to this year.

 “I am looking forward to continuing to watch my students grow their reading skills and I'm just looking forward to collaborating with other teachers and learning from them and getting to know everyone better,” Walker said. 

Walker has been described as an “excellent addition to the staff,” by Dennis McCall, Solomon Elementary School Principal. 

“She has really taken an interest in her second grade class,” McCall said. 

She has been working as a teacher for one year, and also helped with Solomon Gorilla summer day camp. She hopes to hear her students read and see how excited they are to read. “I'm just really happy to be here!” she said. “Happy to be part of the Gorilla Family!” 

Photo by Luka Hayes

Editing by Nicole Price and Luka Hayes