Scott Heller is ready to get the ball rolling. 

The Abilene native has always loved sports, and growing up he participated in football, basketball, and golf. Now he is sharing his love of athletics as the new Solomon High School bowling coach. His skills are now being passed down to the next generation. 

 “I'm just really excited to get to know the kids and improve their individual talents and ourselves as a team also,” said Heller.

His love for the small-town feel brought him to the community. 

“I’ve lived here in Solomon for 30 years,” said Heller. “I have been in a bowling family all my life and it's just something I really enjoy.” 

The small town-culture and small team size are things Heller sees as benefits. 

“I think the fact that things are small enough that we can do more one-on-one teaching and coaching,” he said, explaining why the small size benefits his program. “I coached a lot of baseball and my wife and I worked for the rec and we just enjoy working with the kids and helping them.”

This year’s returning bowlers are excited to have a new coach with new ideas. 

“I think it’ll go just as normal--I think it’ll be a little weird without [Former coach] Triplett but I think it’ll be fun,” said Junior Colin Price. 

Heller is just as excited as the students are. 

“Practice begins on the 2nd of January, he said. “We have a camp week, and we are going to have the week of the 13th December. It'll just be a free week of practice and we can all get to know each other. And our meetings start toward the end of January,” said Heller.

 All of the students have goals for their upcoming season. 

“[I want to] be better at bowling, and maybe get a 200,” said Junior Logan McMillen. 

 Both the students and Heller are excited about their new season. 

 “I have high hopes for the upcoming season,” said senior Taegan Garrett.

Photo by Nicole Price

Editing by Jessica Grant