Weekly Middle School Update

Mr. Engelken

The 5th graders are doing a Jeopardy style review for their test this Thursday. What this will do is help them better learn how the events happened and what each important person did. The students said they like it cause it helps them prepare for the test better, it’s a more entertaining way to learn, and it helps them memorize the answers.

Mr. Underwood

The 7th graders will be building thermostats all week. They will gather data and show how thermostats work and the relation between kinetic energy and how to insulate it.

Mrs. Austin

The 7th graders will play a student based learning board game, which will help them better understand how to solve 2 step equations. One of the students said they like the board games because it teaches them how to learn while competing against their classmates.

Written by Kyel Rankin