Weekly High School Update

Mr. Smith-HS Band

High school band just began concert season. They will be fine tuning their play styles to be more clean and precise rather than the loud, rowdy pep band style used during football season. Mr. Smith says they are listening to example pieces in class some to show the change he’s looking to make.

Mrs. Grant-HS English

Mrs. Grant teaches 9th/10th grade English, along with Spanish. She hopes to provide more direct instruction in her Spanish classes while they are learning dates and greetings. In English, the freshman class is studying short stories and the sophomores are reading about Frankenstein. Her goal in the English classes is to help her students explore and love literature.

Mr. Daily-HS Science

Mr. Daily has upcoming labs in four different science classes. Physical science will be doing a distillation lab, Physics will be building Goldberg machines, and Biology will grow bacterial cultures in petri dishes. They will get the bacteria from swabs gathered around the school. Chemistry is going to do an alchemy experiment where they will turn copper pennies to a golden color.

Written by Logan Krause and Wesley Apostoloff