Congrats to our middle school honor roll students for the Spring semester.
about 18 hours ago, Nicholas Owen
Congrats to all of our honor students for the Spring semester!
1 day ago, Nicholas Owen
Week 2 of Gorilla Camp has begun!
7 days ago, Mrs.Befort
5-7 are trying to do the math to see what kinds of pie they can get.
2-4 playing math beach ball review
Pk-1 working on some math
Potato painting, planting, & playing at Camp Gorilla
12 days ago, Nyla Romeiser
Week one of Camp Gorilla is in the books! Here are a few photos from Day 3.
12 days ago, Mrs.Befort
Playing with some Ozobots for robotics.
Middle School student a help with the community garden
A fun game of “I have, who has” to practice some math.
Grades 2-4 had some great builds at Camp Gorilla today. Enjoying some cool STEM activities.
14 days ago, Erick Underwood
More cup stacking
Setting up an incredible domino stack
A great roller coaster with a nice place to catch the ball at the end.
An incredible stack of cups made in 2-4 STEM
Congratulations to Emma Seidl completing her quest of a state championship. 1A state champion in shot put. #GorillaProud
17 days ago, Mrs. Owen
1A state champion Emma Seidl
state champion throw
Good Luck to Emma Seidl as she continues her quest for a state title this Saturday at 1A State Track. She throws at 8:00 am. Wish her the best of luck as she battles to bring home the gold!
18 days ago, Nicholas Owen
This is the 40th anniversary of Solomon's first state championship. We would love to bring back these ladies next year to honor them at a game in the fall. Any help contacting these ladies, please let us know!
19 days ago, Nicholas Owen
Spencer Coup qualifies for the second round at the 1A state golf tournament on Tuesday. He will tee off at 10:20am sitting tied for 26th. #GorillaProud
22 days ago, Justin Coup
Here is the summer lunch menu. Meals will be served Mon-Thur from 8:30-9-30 am and 11:30-12:30 pm. Meals for Friday will be sent home on Thursday.
22 days ago, Nicholas Owen
Congratulations to Mrs. Kirby’s Kindergarten Class!! They are ready for 1st grade!!
25 days ago, Kindergarten
Happy Last Day to my First Graders. Don’t forget to come visit me when you get to Second Grade! You will move big mountains & I will always be cheering you on! I hope you always remember our time in First Grade together. ♥️ - Mrs. Rizzo “I love you all. Class dismissed.” -Mr. Feeny
26 days ago, Regan Rizzo
4th grade walked the red carpet today to receive their awards! We had such a great year!!
26 days ago, Peyton Desormiers
Had a wonderful afternoon celebrating academic successes, playing games, and some much needed class bonding after a year 6 feet apart.
26 days ago, Mrs. Owen
Gaga ball
class elections
Kids who met their AR goal all four quarters enjoyed some games and pizza today! Mrs. Cross
27 days ago, Mrs. Cross
AR party
We had a great day at the zoo today! not a drop off rain until we were ready to go. it's hard to believe these peeps will be heading to 2nd grade soon. it will be great watching them grow.
27 days ago, Shelby Noggle
Look at that Lion 🦁
Resting at Grandma's Garden on the zoo.
Heading out to the animals.
We had a blast at the Rolling Hills Zoo today! 🦁🐯🐻 It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last day together. So many great memories were made this year. Each one of these kids will forever hold a special place in my heart. -Mrs. Rizzo ♥️
27 days ago, Regan Rizzo
Solomon's virtual science fair! Solomon middle school (5-8) worked very hard to complete some incredible science fair projects. The students followed the scientific method in order to investigate many different scientific phenomena. I invite all of you to use the link below and check some of their projects out.
27 days ago, Erick Underwood
Field Day Fun - Romeiser’s kindergarten
28 days ago, Nyla Romeiser