After achieving high placings at district events, a few students got to compete at State FFA Career Development Events! πŸŽ– Elizabeth Ohl placed 109th out of 207 contestants in the Floriculture contest! πŸ…Brooklyn Brozek was our top placer in the Equine evaluation, finishing 214 out of 167! πŸŽ–Lacie McLaughlin placed 47th out of 300 students in the Vet Science section! We placed 38th out of 82 as a team. Vet Science is the hardest contest in the FFA program, as it includes a conversion exam, information exam, identification test, and a lab practicum. Congratulations!
24 days ago, Ryanne Meyer
State FFA
State FFA
🌟 Spotlight Saturday! 🦍 Each week, we're thrilled to highlight our amazing teachers! Thank you to Mrs. Katy Vinson, Mr. Kyler Stein, and Mrs. Marvis Hunsche for all that you do for our school.
26 days ago, Ryanne Meyer
Solomon had a great showing today and took home a third place medal. Spencer Coup tied for 2nd. Andrew Gray and Porter Hynes both got a personal record.
26 days ago, Erick Underwood
Solomon varsity at Washington County
Although Mr. Wyatt Howard has only been in Solomon for the last four years, he was happy to share so MUCH positivity about his time as a Gorilla on Episode 15 of The 393 Legacy! Wyatt would like to give a shoutout and thank his mom, dad, and sister Maceyn, some teachers from Nebraska, Mrs. Bailey, Ms. Weatherly, and Mrs. Ruppert, as well as Dr. Guy, Coach Rizzo, and Mr. Smith. Listen to the full episode now on YouTube or Spotify. πŸŽ™ πŸŽ™
26 days ago, Ryanne Meyer
Wyatt Howard
There are seven more days. The Senior Spotlight of the day is Spencer Coup. Spencer plans to keep busy this summer by reffing and umpiring recreational sports. He will attend Kansas State in the fall. His plans include working at a bank or insurance company and having his own business.
27 days ago, Jodi Howard
The Freshman English classes want to thank 1st grade teachers Mrs. Noggle and Mrs. Rizzo for letting us come and read our stories to your students Wednesday. Freshman in Mrs. Glanville English classes had to write a story for a wordless picture book and then read them to the first grade.
27 days ago, Kelly Glanville
Reading Fly!
Daisy gets lost
Reading Nope!
Reading Spencer's New Pet
Reading The Sidewalk Circus
Walrus and Penguin
Daisy gets a Ball
Reading Wolf gets Lost
Flora and the Flamingo
Mr. Logan Brewer will take that drive for the next eight days of High School. He is headed to Salina Tech to get his CDL. Logan works at Sunbelt Solomon and hopes to travel the U.S., eventually buy a Semi, and own his own trucking company.
28 days ago, Jodi Howard
We are in single digits, and none of the seniors are counting down. HA! 9 days! Ashli Guzman is attending KU and majoring in Biology. Ashli currently works as a CNA and plans to continue at Eagle Crest in Salina through the summer. Her future goal is to work in a big hospital in Kansas City.
29 days ago, Jodi Howard
Yesterday, Kindergarten had a blast at Milford Nature Center!!
29 days ago, Sara Kirby
We had a fun kindergarten field trip to Milford Nature Center today!
29 days ago, Nyla Romeiser
we learned about a barn owl and saw a box turtle on our hike
there were lots of fun things at the playground!
With ten days left, Spencer Krause will put his Sports Management and Marketing knowledge on point at Kansas Wesleyan University, where he will play men's basketball. He will keep busy this summer as the field supervisor for Solomon Rec. He hopes to obtain a master's at WSU and intern with a sports team.
30 days ago, Jodi Howard
Last Wednesday, April 24th the Gorilla Honor Society hosted their induction ceremony. These ladies and gentleman have to demonstrate high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Please congratulate our 2024 inductees! Payton Ballou, Cooper Carver, Mykia Finegan, Trinity Garza, Logan Hammersmith, Kilynne McCook, Ashley Mead, Jakayla Melleny, Madison Moore, Seth Pekarek, Aiden Shepard, Gracie Smith, Madison Suderman, Bianca Whitefoot
about 1 month ago, Tina Jacquart
GHS 2024 inductees
It's Senior Spotlight Day with 11 Days left! Our senior today is Zoe Smith. She will attend Manhattan Technical College and hopes to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. Zoe works as a CNA in Abilene.
about 1 month ago, Jodi Howard
Congrats to our 2024 Prom King Jake Sommer and Queen Ashli Guzman.
about 1 month ago, Jodi Howard
🌟 Spotlight Saturday! 🦍 Join us in celebrating more of our incredible staff. Mrs. Meaghan Kilgore, Mrs. Sara Kirby, and Mrs. Maddy Cline are just a few of the many faces making a difference in our classrooms! Thank you for all that you do!
about 1 month ago, Ryanne Meyer
Mrs. Kilgore
Mrs. Kilgore
Mrs. Kirby
Mrs. Kirby
Mrs. Cline
Mrs. Cline
With the possibility of severe weather in the forecast, and the safety of everyone in mind, students will promenade in the HS gym at 8:00 pm. Students can pull up to the gym entrance for valet parking. All others please park in the upper east parking lot. Doors open at 7:30 pm.
about 1 month ago, Liz Krause
Check out Episode 14 of The 393 Legacy to learn all about senior Porter Hynes! After graduation, Porter plans to either join The National Guard or the workforce. He would like to give recognition to his mom, his brother Dylan, Coach Kilgore, Mr. Riordan, Mrs. Kilgore, Mrs. Robertson, and various community members for supporting him. πŸŽ™ πŸŽ™
about 1 month ago, Ryanne Meyer
Porter Hynes
Our Senior Spotlight today is Brooklyn Dooley. Brooklyn would like to say.. 12 more days til graduation day! Brooklyn plans to attend Fort Hays State University and major in Art Education. Although she plans to spend her summer working, she hopes her art will make her rich and famous one day!
about 1 month ago, Jodi Howard
Both the HS golf tournament and JH track meet have been postponed for today. Make-up times and locations are being worked out, and we will let you know ASAP. It's sad there are no events, but we're happy for the rain!
about 1 month ago, Justin Coup
There are 13 Days until graduation day! Our Senior Spotlight today is Wyatt Howard. Wyatt plans to attend Pratt Community College and major in Wildlife Outfitting and operations. He will also play in the pep band and participate on the shooting sports team. His goal is to be a fisheries biologist. He plans to spend his summer working at Abilene Machine and fishing as much as possible.
about 1 month ago, Jodi Howard