HS Boys' BB Recap

On Monday, February 24th the high school boys’ basketball team finished their season against Elyria Christian. Their overall record was 8-13 and their league record was 3-6. We asked Coach Johnson what his thoughts on the season were. He said, ¨It's a very young team but a good team.¨ We asked for a moment or memory of the season that will be remembered and he said “When Cobey Fiske forgot his basketball shoes, which led to Marcus giving Cobey his and myself giving Marcus my shoes.” We asked what his plans for the off-season are and he said, “To get the boys to play summer ball so it can hopefully translate to next year.” We asked coach as a team what did you improve at the most and he said, “They became better basketball players.”

Written by Rylan Sheesley & Chevy Woods