Weekly Elementary Update

Ms. Romeiser

In Ms. Romeiser’s class, the students were discussing different Indian tribes. The students were then asked which tribe they would want to live with and be apart of. The students may even get to build tee-pees, but this decision will be made later on.

Ms. Girard

In Miss Girard’s class, the students are about to begin working on pixel art. When the students go to work on this project, they will look up pictures that will then be pixelated and put onto graph paper. As the students work through this project, they will also be practicing and using math.

Mrs. Allison

In Mrs. Allison’s class, the students were currently working in STEM class with Mrs. Brubaker. Mrs. Brubaker goes in once a week to teach STEM class. The students were discussing and learning about metamorphic rocks and natural changes that the earth has. During the discussion, the students got to work on a hands-on activity. The activity was students making their own rocks. To make the rocks, graham crackers, marshmallows, and sour worms were used. The graham crackers represented the rock, the marshmallows represented magma, and sour worms represented the pressure that is needed to form different types of rocks.

Written by Spencer LaCost, Bennie Garza, and Blayz Saltkill