Weekly Middle School Update

Mr. Underwood

The 5th graders are testing over the lunar cycle. Knowing the cycle of the moon helps track time and understand where the moon is positioned in accordance to the earth and the sun.

The 6th graders are testing on clouds and understanding of how clouds are formed and how different types of clouds can predict the coming weather.

The 7th graders are testing on phase changes and triple points. These show how substances change states and how the change of state is dependent on both temperature and pressure.

The 8th graders are testing over kinetic energy, potential energy, and gravity. These explain basic interactions with the world around us.

Mr. Engelken

The 5th graders are testing over their timeline activity. They have to analyze a timeline of the upcoming chapter to put the information and events of the chapter in order. This helps them to also identify the contributions of significant individuals during this period of colonization in the Americas.

Mrs. Krause

The Gorilla Bands are focused on the word RESPECT and what that looks like around our school. Students have completed many activities to share their knowledge.  Students created campaign buttons to promote RESPECT amongst students.

Written by Kyel Rankin & Zach Schwarts