Dear Gorilla Family,

Today, we want to take a moment and express our deep gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional leadership of our two outstanding principals, Amber Fouard and Liz Krause.  October is National Principals Month, and USD 393 Solomon would not be the same without these two!

Their unwavering dedication, passion, and tireless commitment to our school district have profoundly impacted the lives of our students, teachers, and staff. Their visionary leadership has created an environment where learning thrives, creativity flourishes, and character is nurtured.

Mrs. Fouard and Mrs. Krause have been role models and true inspirations. They have navigated challenges with grace and resilience, always putting the best interests of our students at the forefront. Their innovative ideas and tireless work have ensured that our schools are safe and focused on student success.

Join us in showing our heartfelt gratitude to these remarkable leaders for their exceptional service by dropping a note of appreciation through email or social media.  Let's celebrate their achievements and continue supporting them in their journey to improve our school district.

Justin Coup--Superintendent of Schools


Mrs. Fouard-

Mrs. Krause--