bowling team 2024

On Wednesday, February 28, for the first time in school history, two high school students competed at the State Bowling Tournament in Wichita. Montana “Mac” Collins, sr., scored a 584 series, resulting in finishing in 18th place out of the 72 competing bowlers. Elizabeth Ohl, jr., finished the tournament with a 269 series, placing 64th out of 68 competitors. When discussing her feelings about being the first to accomplish this feat, Ohl said “It’s definitely an honor and I’m very proud of myself. I’m very excited to be one of those few.” Both students reported that the atmosphere was something special. Collins said it was loud, exciting, and packed full of people, and Ohl stated “There was a whole lot more positivity and sportsmanship, more compliments and encouragement, [past competitions] have had that, but this one was different.” Collins added what a memorable time it was for him, “Being able to go, stay at the hotel, go out to eat with my friends and the team, it was pretty cool to just go and enjoy the whole experience.” Although this was Collins’ last time competing with the bowling team, he agreed with Ohl when she said that she would like to see a bigger team next year, adding that it is a great sport to play throughout a lifetime, even after their time on the Solomon team.