Summer Music Recommendations

Anonymous Choir Student:

Pumped Up Kicks Final Article

I would recommend the song, Pumped Up Kicks, by Mark Foster because it is very informational and has a deep meaning (not to mention that it is such a good song to vibe to). The song was recorded in 2010 and then released in 2011. The american indie pop band, Foster the people, performed it with bass, guitar, keyboard, synths, and drum kit accompaniment. The purpose of this song is to bring awareness to the issue of gun violence among youth and is very political and emotional. The intro has drums and electronic accompaniment. Then, it leads into the first verse which describes the character, Robert, who has a dangerous plan that he won’t tell anyone. Then it's the chorus which describes how the kids with the “pumped up kicks” aka the Reebok Pump basketball shoe, were threatened with grave violence by the character Robert. The second verse comes next which describes how Robert’s dad comes home and “brings him a surprise” which isn’t actually a surprise, it's just him assaulting Robert. Then the chorus plays again, following is the bridge. The altro is the chorus. The hidden message in the poetry of the song is to give insight on the shooter’s life. Not only that but also, to bring awareness to the mental health side of the issue. Mark Foster says in a statement to, “This song was written as a way to create ongoing dialogue for an issue that was being talked about.” The song talks about how powerful the shooter’s actions affect the people around him. It also mentions how he was abused which could lead to the choices that he made. Their hope was to lead to some big changes in policy that will prevent these acts of violence from happening in the future.

Olivia Rouse

My song is “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo, it was published January 8th 2021, and the style of the song is pop. The purpose of the song is that she went through a breakup and how she coped is she wrote a song about it. I would recommend this song to teenagers everywhere because it is very heartfelt and it's just good if you're feeling down. 

Olivia Rodrigo was inspired by Gracie Abrams to make her newest song Drivers License. She claims she made the song, “literally crying in my living room at home”. She is 17  years old and is most known for a Disney show she's on called “High School Musical The Musical The Series”. In this show she was with Joshua Bassett, therefore fans believe the song is about him. Its number 3 in the iTunes chart.   

I listened to James Charles version of Drivers license. It was good but I like Olivia Rodrigo's version better. He changed some of the lyrics to fit him better. Olivia Rodrigo's song was about the love of her life falling in love with a different girl and James Charles was about a boy. Nothing changed about it except that it's a male voice now. They both did a very good job with there songs.

Written By Laura Fortier's Music Students