WEST entrance/cafeteria

Good afternoon Gorilla Family!

What a great start to the year it has been.  The energy in the building has been truly amazing this year.  Staff is working hard and adjusting to everything related to the new world of teaching during a pandemic!  During the pandemic the Board of Education has not stopped moving forward either.  (Those seven elected officials are another group you should be very proud of as a community member.)  They assembled a group of community members to gather information regarding our facilities, tour other facilities our size, and come back to the BOE with a recommendation on the next steps.  

Multiple meetings over the course of a year with input from teachers, community members, and board of education members the group proposed the bond before the voters on Nov. 2, 2021.  The group listened to the community on repurposing areas, upgrading and expanding upon needed programs, and analyzed the financial and long term needs and how to build for the future of USD 393 students and families.  Guidance to the team and BOE was provided by HTK Architects and McCOWNGORDON Construction.  

Over the next few months there will be multiple opportunities for you to learn about the bond issue:  school events, community meetings, phone conversations, civic presentations and many more for sure.  Last evening a group of around 30 community members divided up into various committees to help with the bond process.  Information can be found in a few places:  

1.  Bond information:  https://www.usd393.net/page/bo...

2.  Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/group...

We just ask that you ask questions, become involved, and of course VOTE!  If you would like to visit over the phone or in person, give me a call at 785-655-2541 I would love to visit about the process and the project.


Justin Coup, Superintendent