MS Football Travels to Peabody

On Thursday, September 2nd the Solomon Gorillas MS Football team traveled to Peabody to compete against Peabody-Burns. The team lost (0-48). 

When Coach Spresser was asked about his preseason practices and what he is most looking forward to for the rest of the season he said, “I’m looking forward to seeing our student-athletes continue to build upon their skills, leadership, and confidence on the playing field - while continuing on the right path as young men and women.” We also asked him what his team’s strong suit or best area was at the Peabody game and his response was,” I was happy with how the team responded to being put in a situation with a rain delay, a 6-man game versus 8-man, and playing new positions.”

The Gorillas will be at home to take on Little River for their next competition on September 9th. The games will be available via livestream on the Solomon High School Sports Network Youtube Channel.

Written by Maya Newcomer