JH Volleyball

The junior high volleyball season is over. Now that it's the end, Jamie Cook, head coach, has some reflection over the season. 

“The junior high season went well,” said Cook to start.

It definitely was a great season. They placed third in the league. This was an amazing accomplishment, which was just one of the proud moments of the season.

“I am very proud of all the girls, “ said Cook. “Middle school is very challenging and we had some great role models on the team.”

Principal Nick Owen was impressed with the number of girls who went out for the team and he thought it was a successful season.

“I thought it went well,” he said. “We had a lot of new changes and new coaches. I thought that overall it went really good.” 

Even though each volleyball season comes with amazing moments, there are some challenges as well.

“The biggest challenge I had personally was teaching respect and attitudes,” said Cook.

That wasn’t the only thing that had to be improved.

“We could definitely improve in all areas, serving being number one for sure,” Cook added.

Challenges can make things really difficult, but Cook believes that she couldn’t have done anything differently. They worked on everything about volleyball that they could in practice. 

Practice is a time where new changes and experiences to learn from happen. 

“I hope I brought changes in a way that the girls were excited to come to volleyball and learn,” said Cook.

She also hopes that the players learned a lot.

“I hope the players learned how to play as a team, that you need everyone, not just yourself, and to enjoy the game because volleyball is really fun,” Cook added.

Enjoying the game is one of the reasons why Cook wanted to coach.

“I wanted to be the coach because I love the game and the girls and just being around them teaching them made my day,” she said, “I truly love coaching.”

Cook is very thankful for the opportunity of being coach. She loved this season and is excited for the next.

“I want to say thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to be the junior high volleyball coach,” Cook starts, “I truly loved it and can’t wait for next year with the little ones coming up to play. We are going to lose nine eighth graders so it’s going to be challenging and fun! I’m going to miss all of them very much.”

Photo by Perry Steele

Editing by Nicole Price