Weekly High School Update

Mr. Davidson's Horticulture Class

Mr. Davidson’s class is practicing land judging for a competition at Blue Valley High School. There are 29 schools in the district, with at least 12 being involved in the competition. Students are learning about land judging so they can learn about different soils and gain new experiences that they previously did not have prior to the competition.

Mrs. Anderson's Interactive Media Class

Mrs. Anderson’s class is planning on putting out bi-weekly broadcasts about the activities going on at Solomon. The class will be filming these on Mondays. The broadcasts will be scheduled to be released on Tuesdays and they will be posted on the school’s YouTube channel.

Mr. Douglas' Robotics Class

The robotics class will be working on their robot this week. They will be working on powering the wheel so that it can move back and forth on the rail. Another task is designing the arm and the claw. They will be taking their robot to a practice competition on October 13th. The final competition will take place on October 20th.

Please check back with us on a weekly basis to see what interesting things are taking place at the high school.

By Logan Krause, Wesley Apostoloff, and Spencer LaCost