Weekly Middle School Update

Mrs. Austin's class  the students will be playing math games in class on Tuesday and Friday. The games will be math related and will help the kids exceed their learning in mathematics.

Mr. Underwood’s class will be doing labs this Wednesday. The 6th grade is changing the air pressure in chambers. The 8th grade students are doing circuits to find out how energy works and the components needed to do certain things.

Mr. Engleken’s history class is going to present projects this Thursday about Early American Empire Structures. They learned how the first large structures were built.

Every Tuesday and Thursday the middle school do a project called Gorilla Bands. On Tuesdays Mrs. Pratt gives the students lessons on Pride, Responsibility, Respect, and other issues related to that. Thursday’s are student led and the students ask questions about bullying or issues they are having.

Mr. Riordan’s 7th graders are reading a book called The Outsiders and will be answering questions about the book. The 8th graders are reading Of Mice and Men and answering questions over that as well.

By Kyel Rankin & Zach Swarts