Weekly High School Update

Mr. Nordgren

Mr. Nordgren’s World History classes wrote haiku today. Mr. Nordgren’s Economics classes will be playing a stock market game. These classes will be playing a stock market game to better understand how the stock market works. Each group has $100,000 and cannot spend more than 20% on each stock that they invest in.

Mrs. Bucholtz

Mrs. Bucholtz Business Essential class will be working on a marketing food truck project. This project will take the entire semester to complete. Currently, the students are working on a marketing plan that will go alongside their food trucks. A few things that need to be included into the marketing plan is product, price, and a place in Kansas City where they want to be located. Students will also need to explain how they will promote their food trucks through social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Students will make 10-15 different posts on these social media sites and explain how the posts will help their food truck. This project will give students a more fun and enjoyable way to learn this real world experience.

Mrs. Owen

Mrs. Owen has plenty of projects going on in each of her classes. Mrs. Owen’s Algebra II class is writing equations of lines based off of pictures that the students drew on grid paper. Her Geometry class is designing a city and will be doing this by using the properties of parallel lines. Her College Algebra class is writing equations of lines that will allow them to draw pictures on their Chromebooks. Each of these projects are intended to help students better understand the material that is being taught to them in their specific math class.

Written by Spencer LaCost, Wesley Apostoloff, and Logan Krause